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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219


Migrants flee Africa

The family of Randal Mote, a 35 year old Angolan man, stricken with a rare disease, has reached out to ZWN in a plea to make his case known to the world. Their hope is that through this exposure the medical world will be galvanized to find a cure.

Africa's 'half man/half zombie'
seeks a cure

"Zombies, unfortunately, are not our only threat", says Pentagon source.

Timimoun, Algeria, N. Africa
(AP) ZWN Field Reporter - Spencer Kincaid
Posted: 1/10/08 Bookmark and Share

Since the infections began the United States has all but abandoned its much touted war on terror in the interest of protection for the American populace. Many US forces have been redeployed at home to shore up its Homeland Security concerns.

For the first time made public since the Necro-Mortosis outbreak, American and other NATO forces, at the request of the African government, attacked what was deemed a terrorist encampment and training center. This early morning sweep in the Algerian region of Timimoun, North Africa has brought the death of five and capture of six more members of the nascent radical terror element calling itself the " New Dawn of Man". According to a Pentagon spokesman the raid was acting on "credible, dependable sources".

In one of the buildings at the encampment, 12 vials of the highly controlled, synthetic drug known as 'M-bomb' were located.

Also discovered were plane tickets to 6 European nations, 3 African Nations, and 3 major US cities. Exact locations have not been released. The concentration of 'M-bomb', a deadly cocktail of Necro-Mortosis (the undead virus) and amphetamines, is considered the most highly regulated drug in circulation. M (for Mortosis)-bombs provide an amphetamine high combined with a feeling of lethargy and disconnection. However, within 3 - 6 uses a person is likely to contract full blown Mortosis. Death and reanimation follow within 48 hours.

"It is clear to us that zombies, unfortunately, are not our only threat. This radical organization could well exacerbate what is already the greatest threat humanity has ever known. We are completely committed to the eradication of Necro-Mortosis and part of that job is stopping infections before they happen. If the 'New Dawn of Man' seeks to spread this infection then they must be stopped wherever they are found", the spokesman further elaborated.

That task may be easier said than done. New Dawn of Man emerged late last year, following a series of regional outbreaks. Lead by radical religious leader Nwabudike Godwinsin, the organization embraces the plague as cleansing the planet of its sins and impurities to leave the faithful, his followers, as its stewards.

In the ensuing chaos within the African Union, Godwinsin has gained power over the panicked villagers by offering relative safety in palisade camps constructed by cult members. Recently the New Dawn has switched its efforts from saving African survivors to attacking enemies of the group. Its members are known to have elements in at least four African nations (Sudan, Central African Republic, Chad, Eritrea) with potential ties to five other nations.

Statements of condemnation have come from many quarters. With the armed forces of most countries engaged actively in a homeland security role and Africa scurged by Necro-Mortosis, it is unlikely Godwinsin or his followers will be dealt with immediately. Many eyes have turned to the U.N. in anticipation they will act further on this information. At this time there has been no word from the Bush Administration or the Secretary-General's office in regards to further pursuance of the New Dawn.

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