Mauritania Under Seige
Nouakchott, Mauritania, W. Africa
Posted: 19th, Apr. 2010
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ZWN Military Field Reporter- Michael Kinsburgh

Nouakchott, Mauritania- Following reports that a huge herd of undead reanimates, in the region of one to three thousand are currently on the outskirts of the capital of Mauritania, West Africa's already overly burdened military are struggling to suppress the problem. As many as one hundred have infiltrated the cities defenses in the chaos during the mass migration to the capital. A further thousand are also possibly en route to the city from other surrounding areas, a government spokesman told ZWN.

The pending assault on the capital was preceded two days ago by a military disaster which has left the capital virtually defenseless. The destruction of key paramilitary have eviscerated the military and left the best force in the country, the T-54 tank battalion, stranded some three-hundred and fifty miles away from the capital in Kiffa
, having to deal with securing the city of 40,000 against further incursions.

The only army battalion in the city at this time is the 2nd Artillery Battalion, commanded by Colonel Sidi Abdallahi, reinforced by three hundred members of the National Guard. However, there were concerns that this will not be enough to stem the tide of the undead, and it seems as though these fears are well-founded.

The military debacle of the last two days was followed by more than 400,000 refugees fleeing surrounding districts and crowding the capital, a city of almost 900,000, and further deepening the panic. The rest of the Mauritanian Military, which consists of eight infantry battalions, seven motorized battalions, three artillery battalions, and an engineer battalion, have been unable to mobilize effectively. Much of the firepower is stretched out across the country in multiple garrisons.

A temporary tent city has been set up to house some of the thousands of refugees pouring into the city.

Confusion, panic and desertion
Many of the other battalions have suffered from mass desertions. Equipment has been abandoned, and strewn across the desert. A camel corp, the only camel-equipped force in the modern era, was thrown into disarray when the animals, apparently sensing the undead presence, panicked and scattered into the desert, leaving a battalion of soldiers without essential supplies and at the mercy of the impending advance of the necrotic predators. Many of that battalion are still unaccounted for.

"The roads are choked with the dead and undead, with vehicles and bodies." Said the commander of the 7th Infantry Battalion, Colonel Muahammed Culd Abd Al-Alaz in a phone interview. The sound of gunfire and explosions could be heard clearly in the background. Twice Colonel Al-Alaz's phone conversation had to be stopped so he could find a safer spot. He went on to say that casualties were relatively light and they had destroyed anywhere between thirty to forty undead. Most infantry losses had occurred when a wayward grenade had destroyed the fuel lines of a jeep, causing it to explode. He estimated that they would enter the capital in about two days.

Meanwhile, the second infantry battalion lost its commander early when it was attacked by three undead at the base in Akjoujt, the capital of the Inchiri region. The base had come under attack by scores of undead, and the battalion suffered twenty five fatalities and double that wounded- some of whom were reportedly executed to ensure they did not rise again. Lt. Colonel Ahmid Ah-Kalani, who took over for the former commander of the 4th Battalion, said that they had secured the base and are currently sweeping the roads out of the city, estimating that they will arrive in the capital within 72 hours.

UN Reacts
An emergency meeting of the UN has been called to discuss the present situation in Mauritania. A resolution is expected to be announced shortly.

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