Mauritania on Edge after Failed Military Operation
Nouakchott, Mauritania, W. Africa
Posted: 14th, Apr. 2010
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ZWN Military Field Reporter- Michael Kinsburgh

Nouakchott, Mauritania- ZWN embedded Military Field Reporter, Michael Kinsburgh reports that the military of Mauritania suffered a grave defeat earlier this morning in what was to be a large scale undead clean up operation, less than seventy miles away from the capital of Nouakchott. The results of which sent streams of refugees fleeing into the city.

Initial reports that a large and aggressive horde of around sixty reanimates had been neutralized by the force of four-hundred paramilitaries dispatched against it are now widely believed to have been a propaganda initiative by the beleagued government.

Over the last two weeks, reports of infected townspeople from as far away as one hundred miles, wandering the trans-sahara desert came to surface. Yet these reports were censored immediately and any further military action seemed to take place behind closed curtains.

Attack on battalion
What has been confirmed however, is that a key battalion of T-54 tanks, has been involved in "a significant engagement involving undead activity." Our political source in the region reports that the battalion, which was initially allocated for clean up operations, had to be split up. Reports of rebel activity in the south and east meant sending part of the force to suppress the rebels. The rest remained to encounter the undead. A large military operation took place to remove the undead, but Individual reports tell of a rising death toll amongst the military, including , two truck loads of 'quarantined' soldiers offloaded at the local hospital. The medical center was locked down immediately afterwards.

Just why a well protected and heavily armed tank battalion would sustain such heavy losses is not known at this point. It is also reported that the capital of the city of Kiffa had briefly come under siege, and extra battalions were sent to deal with what was now a publicly acknowledged outbreak in Mauritania. At the same time, the battalion that had been sent south raced northwards towards the city of Benichab while two Paramilitary companies replaced their rebel quelling operation.

Throughout the night there were reports of sporadic and heavy fighting. Mortar shells and tank bombardments could be heard echoing through the deserted streets of Kiffa. Then early this morning, the government announced that Kiffa had been secured, Benichab, in the Inchiri Region of southern-central Mauritania had also been saved from coming under attack, and the two paramilitary companies had routed the undead from the town of Bogue. The news was met with relief and celebration. Mauritanians returned to the deserted streets, honking their horns and dancing in the streets.

Premature celebration
As quickly as the celebration began, it ended when news came of disasters befalling the military. The two paramilitary companies had been routed in the night when they came under attack from a fierce undead onslaught. They reportedly suffered heavy casualties. The supply chain that supported the battalion in the Sahara , had apparently come under attack from night roaming undead. Infection quickly spread amongst the sleeping troops. Terror and panic sent many fleeing into the night only to be picked off by reanimate attack, others, having left their supplies behind, perished in the unforgiving heat of the vast desert.

The battalion was now without transport or essential supplies. The T-54 tank battalion had indeed been able to free Kiffa, but the lack of support had left the most powerful battalion on the army stranded hundreds of miles away from the capital.

These military disasters have left the capital seemingly vulnerable, with a third of the army currently engaged against the undead. Panic has gripped the city of nearly 900,000 as the government struggled to regain order. A terse press release defiantly stating "We will defeat the undead and save our nation." did little to calm the city. Shootings have been reported, with several encounters between the undead and the civilian population. Dozens of cases of murder have taken place within the past few hours, many of them panic-related, the attacker believing the victim to be an undead. The national guard has been called out and is attempting to restore order to the city, but with thousands of people from the suburbs flooding the city, chaos reigns and many believe that scores of undead may be able to slip in during this chaos and undermine defense efforts.

Other regions react
Reaction from nearby nations has been surprisingly hostile, with Senegal, Mali, and Algeria directly blaming the government for the recent incursions of the undead which has rapidly made West Africa a crisis point. On Thursday, Senegalian military forces suffered heavy casualties when ambushed by a large group of undead at the Senegal river.

Algeria, just last night, announced that media coverage of events in their country were to be censored in an apparent effort to forestall any panic that would result from what the Algerian government admits is an, "escalating undead pandemic within their borders."

Mali has refused to give out statistics regarding what was initially thought a genocidal attack on a small refugee camp but is now thought to have been a massive military strike against a large undead group.

The United States has called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council to discuss what should be done. UN Spokesperson Janice Alanin said, "The United Nations pledges its full support to all possible operations against the undead in order to protect the territorial integrity of Mauritania."


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