Battle For Mauritania
Nouakchott, Mauritania, W. Africa
Posted: 4th, May. 2010
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ZWN International Correspondent - Zandra Corbes
ZWN Military Field Reporter- Michael Kinsburgh

Nouakchott, Mauritania
0100 this morning artillery fire woke many of the embedded, international press corp, including myself. We had been relocated to the Hotel Olympico following persistent rumors that the undead had already entered the city.

Gunshots, screams, and more artillery fire could be heard. Buildings became multiple targets for the artillery. The undead onslaught had begun; a mass open surge from the same gathering that had recently eviscerated the deployed military outside the city. In addition, a smaller group had infiltrated the city during the migration and caused multiple but largely unreported attacks.

The city's largest hospital was the scene of a significant outbreak as many of the wounded from the previous days had been taken there, left unguarded and with no effective quarantine implemented, had simple risen and spread the virus throughout the hospital.

0230, the government evacuated to a secure air force base within the capital, where it reportedly took two of the countries fifteen transport planes out of the country. The announcement that the government had fled sparked widespread riots, which only served to inflame the situation. The national guard and the police are currently overwhelmed trying to suppress the massive undead attack. Additionally, they have to cope with the escalating situation at the hospital, and now riots and looting within the cities boundaries.

0450 - "The situation has spiraled out of all control and I do not believe that we all will survive this day." Spoke the head of police, Ahmad Shabbi, in a telephone conference with reporters.

0500, all phone land lines went down

0700, the national police headquarters was shelled. Most of the city is without power.

0900 - Shelling and gunfire ceases. At this time, Colonel Sidi orders what appears to be a general retreat from the outskirts of the city to consolidate positions closer to the docks, important city facilities, the International Airport, and the Olympico. This leaves almost half of the entire city undefended except for individual armed civilians.

The road north to Nouadhibou, the second largest city and port in the country, has reportedly been blocked by undead 'stragglers' roaming the area and tens of thousands of refugees north of the city clogging the streets. The Eastern part of the country so far remains relatively safe.

At the docks, an emerging undead presence has confounded an already dire situation. As streams of panicked refugees attempt to board the cruise liners, coastal security attempt to verify that each refugee is necro-mortosis free. But with so many people streaming onto the ships in such a panic amid the undead attack, gunfire, and the fires that are spreading throughout the city, multiple cruise companies are considering abandoning operations in Nouadhibou.

Those ships that have left the area are finding nearby ports less than friendly to their plight. Unless strict quarantine and screening procedures have been implemented, most ports are refusing to give docking permission to the fleeing vessels.

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