Meet 'The Marauder USV'.
S. Africa
Posted: 6th, May. 2012
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Zombie protection vehicles are a billion dollar industry. Demand has risen rapidly since the first recorded necro-mortosis outbreaks of 2006.

For the first year after the virus took hold, people scrambled to design makeshift armored vehicles. They soon found that this was harder than it sounds. Adding weight to cars and trucks not designed for such laden capacity meant that many owners found themselves stuck on boggy roads or fields. Their vehicle immobile, and themselves vulnerable to attack.

Since those early days, armor reinforcing production vehicles have become a booming after market industry.

This year, South African global defense company: Paramount Group began production of the 'Marauder USV class'. This vehicle, originally designed for all terrain peacekeeping, has now been converted to the functionality of 'Undead suppression.'

Smaller in both size and weight to The Matador, the new Marauder is also designed for urban, built up and confined areas. Fitted with a high caliber machine gun, water cannon, state of the art command , surveillance and control systems. thermal sensor detection (zombies emit a lower rate of heat and therefore easy to distinguish from the living), a special rear section for a crew of 8 plus 2 canine cadaver units.

The heavy armor can withstand any amount of undead attacks. The wheels are solid, and the whole hull is designed to withstand an explosion of the equivalent to a double anti-tank mine.

In action
The Marauder USV has already seen significant action in Europe, North Africa, and southern Australia. It has been credited with saving the lives of 1000's of civilians and hundreds of soldiers and police. It's main use so far has been as an extraction vehicle for trapped units and a 'swipe' vehicle to clear a zombie hot spot, making it safe for other utility vehicles such as medical and quarantine to enter the area.

Demand high
Worldwide demand for the Marauder USV has been so high that a waiting list of 9 months is currently in effect. Countries and private security companies are equally vying to purchase the Marauder USV in large numbers. The USA recently placed an order for 250 to be distributed between states for quick response to any level 4 zombie outbreak.


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