Gambian Migrants Flee 'Zombie Hot Zone'
Banjul, Republic of Gambia - (AP)
René Dupree, Foreign Correspondent - ZWN
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Prior to the surge of refugees fleeing from the growing undead hordes to the south, this region boasted a population of over 1.5 million residents. Now that figure has doubled to nearly 3 million as migrants from southern African Provinces - labeled as "Hot Zones," due to their high concentration of undead - await the end of the military quarantine to be processed and eventually relocated into northern "Safe Zones."

The stalls are filled with crowds waiting to be processed by the government funded quarantine facilities, who are faced with rooting out the infected from the healthy.

Police impose harsh measures
Armed members of the Gambia National Police proceed to escort those with confirmed cases of Necro-mortosis infection into isolated outposts where they are terminated and subsequently cremated. With its boisterous population, the National Police, numbering approximately 309,000 strong, act as a stop gap for the increasing number of international forces. The harsh but necessary measures must been taken in order to keep the airport and the surrounding area free from the looming threat of infection, and until the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) can slow the tide of migrants into the area.

Makeshift shanty towns fill the city, as ECOMOG actively patrol the streets, assuring no new outbreaks appear near or around the densely crowded airport relocation facility.

Micah Oboan, a member of the internationally backed ECOMOG forces states, "Just one dead body [reanimating] within a crowd of unorganized and fearful refugees will unravel all of our current evacuation success. It only takes one Zombie to insight stampedes, rioting, and a rapid spread of infection the likes that has only been seen in Port-au-Prince."

Military strive to prevent outbreaks:
Precautions have been taken to prevent this, however, as mechanized and armored international forces actively patrol the streets and engage in house-to-house inspections to prevent an outbreak similar to Gambia's southern neighbors. Dead bodies, corpses and cadavers are reported to military personnel and burned at communal bonfires located in the numerous squares throughout the city, under the vigilant eye of ECOMOG troops. From the outskirts of the capital, ECOMOG, Turkish, and UK military transports can be seen shuttling civilians out of the country whilst others return with equipment and more international Peacekeepers. The increasing number of migrants entering the country illegally presents a problem for the limited number of Peacekeepers, who are unable to effectively seal the borders.

As of last week, international forces have cordoned off all major cities into security districts maintained by the local police, the Gambian National Guard, and available ECOMOG Peacekeepers. This has so far been an effective method in cutting down human traffic into the capital city, as well as isolating areas of infection that litter the nation. As a reported outbreak progresses within a security district, all travel to bordering districts are sealed off by local forces, until an ECOMOG Rapid Reaction Force can be sent into the area via helicopter to stop the spread of infection at its source.

Rapid Response forces are able to reach any location within their respective security districts in twenty minutes or less, in order to combat the undead before their progress can reach unmanageable proportions. Civilians have been extremely cooperative with ECOMOG Rapid Response in coordinating joint strikes against the undead. However, if the outbreak reaches an extent where the joint forces cannot handle, the airport will be shut down and forces will be evacuated to secondary positions in order to relocate civilians.

This is René Dupree, Foreign Correspondent for Zombie World News, reporting from the Republic of Gambia.

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